Welcome to Ridehouse

Ridehouse are specialist in powersport vehicle sales and service. 

  • We’re independent and can provide the latest Kawasaki or used Kawasaki, SeaDoo and Yamaha jetskis that’s just right for you!  
  • Whether you want to rent or to buy a jetski, we have the equipment and expertise to help you explore and discover New Zealand’s great outdoors.
  • For motorbike enthusiasts we have expertise in servicing, repair and rebuilds - everything you need for the perfect ride for the perfect adventure.
  • We offer a huge range of parts and accessories from popular brands Kawasaki, SeaDoo, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, CanAm, KTM, Riva Racing, Fusion, Garmin and so much more.   Shipped nationwide.

Conveniently located in Auckland, a recreation destination!



To inspire and motivate people from all walks of life to get the most out of life, by providing them with access to experience the thrill of the great outdoors through nature adventures. Jason Manchester